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Health & Wellbeing - Alternative Therapies
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Australian Music Therapy Association Go
Ambient Music Directory - Lots of links to 'new age' artists & labels Links
Tranquil Motion is designed to help you unwind with beautiful, peaceful music. This Relaxation Music this music is designed to help restore calm to your life. Music at 60 beats per minute will help lower your heart rate. close the door, take the phone of the hook, make yourself comfortable and move into the Tranquil Motion. We need to maintain our mental & emotional wellbeing as well as our physical health. 8 beautiful tracks of soothing music over 50 minutes. Perfect for home and health clinic.  From Free Motion Music

Record Your Own Guided Meditation - Healing and Self Help CD






 Alternative Health Practitioners


Australian Natural Therapists Association

Australian Traditional Medicine Society Go
Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Go
Australian Colon Health Asoociation Go

Health Schools In Australia - Distance Education.


Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association


Alternative Health Direcory


National Herbalists Association of Australia

Reflexology Association of Australia Go
International Institute for Reiki Training Go



Australian Pilates Method Association


International Yoga Teachers' Association


Tai Chi Association of Australia


 Health Foods, Healing Therapies & Links


Himalayn Goji Juice. An all round health tonic now available here.

Go for Goji!

Active 50 Plus Women - Site for Active & Retired Women with Forum.

Colour Therapy Healing Go
All Natural Insomnia Remedies – Helping People Sleep Through The Night Go
Sunspirit Aromatherapy Go

 Spirit, Healing and General Links


The Master Stones - Psychic Tools Sunshine Coast QLD.


Buddhist Australia Directory

Buddha Net
Joćo Teixeira da Faria is a famous Brazilian healer. Heals for free! John of God
Orin & DaBen. World healing meditations. Go

Manifesting Our Reality Website - Metaphysical techniques to manifest.

Jiaogulan - A powerful antioxidant herb with many health-giving properties Go

 Magazine Publications/Publishers

Australian Natural Health Go
Living Now Go
Spheres Magazine Go
Magazine of The Australian Complimentary Health Association Go
Hay House Australia Go

 Spiritual Books

The Power Of Now - Eckhardt Tolle* recommended Go
A Course in Miracles Go
Teachings Of An Elder Brother - Bartholomew Go
The Power Of The Pendulum - T.C Lethbridge Go
The Reconnection - Eric pearl Go
Reconnective Healing Go



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