Terms of Use
We willingly offer this Money Meditation free and in good faith for personal use only.
We make no guarantees to it's effectiveness (although we find it works).
The Money Meditation file is of a simple MP3 only but we must say for legal reasons
that you download it at your own risk.

The Money Meditation is copyrighted, owned & published by Hildebrand / Westcott.
We make it availble free for personal use only, and provided that:

  1. The Money Meditaition is not re-sold.

  2. Is not made available on other websites or through any other means via the internet.

  3. It may not be reproduced in CD or in any other digital form.

  4. It may not be distibuted or used commercially without express permission from the owners, that being Hildebrand/Westcott.

The Money Meditation is registered as a work with APRA and therefore is monitored internationally with affiliated collection agencies such as ASCAP & BMI.
Thank you for your co-operation.

2009 Hildebrand / Wescott Australia