Diana Queen of Hearts

    The People's Princess, Princess Diana, 10 Years On   


Diana Spencer lived only 36 years, with just 17 of them in the public eye. But her intriguing, ironic story the girl whose dream of marrying a prince became a nightmare, the dazzling princess with endless luxury but little happiness made the public interest white-hot, the scrutiny microscopic and endless. Even her death in a Paris tunnel 10 years ago next month did little to reduce the fascination with Diana's transformation from naive youth to global superstar. In her new book, "The Diana Chronicles," writer and editor Tina Brown devotes 482 pages to a critical retelling of Diana's story and another 34 pages of tiny type to footnotes outlining her thorough research, ranging from dozens of interviews some reported here for the first time to letters and diaries, as well as every book ever written on the princess. 

The world has moved on since Diana, Princess of Wales, died. Yet, on the 10th anniversary of her passing, there seems to be a collective need to recall her life, write yet another book on her and wonder, what if she had lived to see her 46th birthday today.

"ON Aug 31, 1997, a princess died. Like many others, I remember where and how I received the news � in my friend's London apartment and being woken up by her cries of "She's dead! She's dead!" I wrote about it in the September 1997 issue of Clove (The Star's monthly women's magazine), of which I was the editor then. The years have dimmed some of the details but as I read what I wrote, the memories came flooding back; fortunately, not the tears. Yes, of course I cried with the rest of the world during those overwrought days after Diana Frances Spencer's untimely death with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. I must admit that what I wrote sounds rather overwrought too in today's light. I had picked up on what her brother said."  JUNE H.L. WONG

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Queen Of Hearts


Aug 31, 1997 News Flash - THE body of Diana, Princess of Wales, was last night returned to a nation united in sorrow and shock. Accompanied by the Prince of Wales and the Princess's two sisters, her coffin arrived on British soil draped in a royal standard to be greeted by mourners, including the Prime Minister.

Nineteen hours after the car accident in Paris that claimed her life, the Princess's body was taken under police escort from RAF Northolt, west London, to a private mortuary as Britain grieved for the mother of its future king.

She was later moved to the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace. An announcement about the funeral arrangements is expected today.

The 36-year-old Princess died in hospital at about 3am yesterday despite desperate efforts by French surgeons to save her life after a high-speed crash as she was pursued by paparazzi.





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