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Sydney Vocalists - Freelance Singers for Studio and Live Work

SR = Sight Read
Ses = Sessions
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Sydney Vocals


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Styles / Comments
Jenny Adams SR 0421 851 142 0422 365 690 Website Originals / covers, jazz, r&b, country, folk
Amelia  Ses 0409158 661 Email All styles! frm MTheatre to Rock. Live & Ses
Kira Alexander SR Ses 6842 3793 0410555629 Email All Styles- Live And Session 
Gregg Arthur   SR Ses 95184385 0439583586  Website All Styles
Tracy Barnett Ses 0407646162 Email Funk/blues/rck, strong harms
Kirsty Belle Ses 0424 728150 Website Live and session singer. Big soul voice.
Rachael Bennett Ses 04190486744 Email Blues and soul specialist 
Novella Besso SR Ses 9686 9695 0402574205 Email Pop, Rnb, Dance
Holly Brooke  SR Ses 0415181819 Email Pop, jazz, R&B, classical, funk
Fred Chileshe SR 4321 0964 0415632363 Website Gospel / Classical Hymns
Barrington Davis   SR Ses Email Singer/songwriterRock/Blues/Jazz
Amanda Easton Ses 0418235469 Website Pop, rock, jazz
Jade Gannon   Ses 0421979086 Website Specialise in contemporary styles
Rachel Gaudry SR Ses 9380 8415 0411192003 Website BVs, live/sess, keys too
Wendi Jackson Ses 9605 8952 Website Sessions / 2 part BV's / Lead Vocals
Lyla Jayne SR Ses 0419977568 0428253749 Website All Styles + Harmonies
Steve Judkins   Ses 0433435042 Website Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Khristinn Kapunan Ses 0409548466 Email Sade meets N'Dea Davenport
Kyra Ses 93412338  0407 665953 Website Female session vocalist.  Top 40 band
Victoria Laverick SR Ses 0459478222 Website Session singer/ Dance music
Michelle Little SR Ses 95694051 0427911082 Website Classically trained + country, rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk
Kate Lush Ses 0419 433 943 Website All. Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Disney - Voiceover
Larissa McKay Ses 99492944 0435 873 366 Website Pop, rock, indie, dance, jazz, soul, acoustic, co-writing & keys
Adrian Mees Ses 94998898 0403038427 Website jazz and brazilian music
Miriam Miles SR 94577562 0410 874674 Website Ambient/Folk/Acoustic
Sophia Mitchell SR Ses 0412971139 Website Classical, Opera, Oratorio, Early Music, Soft pop, Harmonies
Virginia Muzik Ses 0403857420 Website Session singing & Voice Overs
Don Nicholas Ses 0400 207 770 Email Rock Vocalist
Kornelia Perchy SR Ses 0404517632 Website Classical singing.
Louise Perryman SR Ses 97124020 0419 622251 Website Versatile, soulful, in tune with the groove
Mike Rayson SR Ses 0418856837 Website Country/Country Rock/Australiana
Michelle Rounds Ses 0410736222 Website see website
Fiona Treloar SR Ses 0427411604 Website Exp vocalist, back up singer Michael Buble 2008 Sydney tour.
Di Solomon 0417100061 Website solo duo trio band -  plays piano &  guitar
Vicky Welch   Ses 96143328 0431421390 Email Lead vocal, bvs,  full charted music all styles
Christine Wheeler  SR Ses 4787 5725 0408276436 Email Irish, folk, alt country, early music.
Fiona Wilkinson SR Ses 9891 3490 0409391501 Email good harmonies


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