Is Magnesium Deficiency Making Us Sick?
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Is There A Substitute For Magnesium?

According to some, magnesium is unique in it's effect on human physiology. A lack of magnesium in the body can lead to an accumulation of toxins and acid residues which leads to degeneration and premature aging. It also helps prevent prevents calcification of our organs and tissues.

There seems to be a wealth of scientific data to support these hefty claims. Magnesium deficiency can lead to yeast and fungal infections and apparently inhibit carcinogenic tumours.

So can magnesium help detoxify us? Magnesium is generally essential our cells but also according to some doctors can help with managing heavy metals that our modern day lifestyle helps accumulate in the body.

As with selenium, regions with low magnesium levels in soil and drinking water, and the same for selenium show higher cancer rates. Egypt records one of the lower rates  of cancer with only about 10% of that in Europe and America. Countries such as these show ten times more magnesium in the soil

Magnesium can also, apparently, make an enormous difference to the health of our hearts. A lack of it can cause the heart muscle to spasm or cramp. Magnesium helps the muscles to relax and low levels in the body can cause fibrillation to constriction of the arteries, angina, and instant death.

Paul Mason claimed -
"Magnesium deficiency appears to have caused eight million sudden
coronary deaths in America during the period"

A study of 2,182 men over ten years found that those eating magnesium-low diets had a 50% higher risk of sudden death from heart attacks than those eating one-third more magnesium. Strokes, angina (chest pain) or heart surgery were less prevalent in high magnesium eaters.

It is very hard to get the high levels of magnesium that the body requires through oral supplements. The reason is that taken orally magnesium can easily cause diarrhea. A better way to get the large amounts that our bodies require is transdermally. This can be in the form of Magnesium chloride solutions gained from sea water. It can take up to four months to get the magnesium levels to where they should be. Also magnesium taken with iodine can create more powerful effects.

Magnesium is routinely used in emergency rooms to save lives in cases of cardiac arrest as well as for stroke victims.

So it seems that, if what they are telling us is right, magnesium can be used as a preventative medicine, a long term treatment for some serious and chronic illnesses or as a life saver in an emergency room.

Perhaps magnesium at least deserves some further investigation.




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