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Sydney Drummers
Drums & Percussion

SR = Sight Read
Ses = Sessions
Vx = Vocals (hrm = harmonies)
Local numbers - (02)
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Sydney Drummmers


S.R Ses Vox

Phone 1

Phone 2


Styles / Comments
Simon Abbott SR Ses     0405-200-429  Website jazzy,funky,soulful and reliable
Pete Atkins SR Ses     0419271003 Email All Styles
Wayne Barrett SR Ses 9418 8294 0402 090518 Email Freelance - all styles
Grif Beale SR Vx 0418858341 All
Mario Bellizzi   Ses Vx 95341552 0418257572 Email All Styles
Doug Bligh SR Ses 9398 3938 Email All round / All styles
Felix Bloxsom   SR Ses     0414 594 234 Website Drums and Percussion
Budi Bone     Vx   0434589185 Website The Singing Drum  
Chris Brien   SR Ses 0407 230 448 Email perc' poly rhythm spec'
Jay Brown SR Ses Hrm 9331 3234 0421 501325 Website 15years experience Rock UK
Andy Byrnes   Ses     0415 725 096 Email All styles incl Electro beats
Tom Callaghan SR Ses Vx 9560 7265 0413139052 Email 25 years Pro'  Experence
Gavin Carroll   Ses     0438 024 873 Email All Styles / All Rounder
Jason Caspen           9864 8561 Email Rock / Blues Originals
Alexander Civijovski         0457009278   Email Variety of styles. Session Work and Drum Tuition.
Peter Clarke   Ses Hrm 9558 9884 0409 021158 Email All Styles, experienced
Jeff Cripps SR Ses Vx 9153 9988   Website All styles, very experienced
Andy Davies SR Ses     0414560005 Website Freelance - All Styles
Steele Dawson SR Ses     0409 169 496 Website All Styles
Brett Dengate SR Ses Email Freelance - All Styles
Bob Donaldson SR 9665 4882 0411568870 Email All round / lug
John Duffy Ses 0414 267 008 Email Rock/Blues 
Laurie Edwards Ses 0408408162 Email Any, but  prefer heavy music
Jim Elliott    Ses 9365 7162 Email Most styles
Andy Evans SR Ses 9371 3450 0414 260020 Email Solid & acccurate reader/lug
Mitch Farmer SR Ses Vx    0418267827 Email All Styles / Exprnced All Round
Dave Fester   SR Ses Hrm   0419446996 Website also Percussionist, played with some of the Best!
Peter Figures SR Ses     0417622824   Exp  Drummer. All styles
Larry Friedberg SR Ses   0415689638 Email Jazz, latin, funk, rock, blues, soul
Angelo Frisina SR Ses 0401648034 Website Freelance all styles
Dominic Greco    Ses   0418644116   Email R&B, Funk (Soild Groove)
Tim Glastonbury Ses 9416 1541 0422 808 311 Website All styles/pop/rock
Thomas Gow    SR Ses Vx   0404547200 Email Jazz, funk, latin, rock, metal
Gary Habgoode 4773 9065 0403276375    Country / Rock
Mike Hague SR Ses Vx 9456 0110 0419760940 Email experienced all styles
David Helman SR Ses     0408679006 Website 20 yrs exp funk-jazz-rock
Greg Henson SR Ses 9521 7907 0419463458 Email Experienced / All Round
David Hibbert Vx 9550 3338  0401136550 Email Country / Rock / Blues
Ben Isackson SR Ses Vx 0403310016 Email All Styles
Leon Isackson SR Ses Vx Email All Styles
Warren Jackson SR Ses Vx   +61 433178939 Website Jazz, funk, rock, dance
David Jones SR Ses Website
Dave Kemp SR Ses Hrm   0403181255 Website All Styles on Kit, Percussionist,  Vibraphone
Bill Kezelos SR Ses   0419981985 Website Freelance - All Styles
Ben Kidson   Ses Vx   0404055078 Email Drums and percussion with vocals. Many styles.
Kevin Kirby 9831 7886 0417684922  Rock / Country / Australiana
Jared Kneale SR Ses Hrm 0411 058 536 Website Groove Player - All Styles
Ralph La Tella SR Ses Hrm 9798 6494 0411786904 Email All styles
Bob Loundar SR Vx 4369-6355 041196311 All
Ben McAtamney SR Ses 9810 7012 0428981070 Email profficient/experienced all styles
Hamish McLeod SR Ses 49301332 0459602460 Email
John Midworth   Ses Hrm 0439477435 0402755813 Email Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, etc
Rob Miell Ses


46 258 727 0414781299 Email Country/Rock/Cabaret
Matthew Moore SR Ses   9518 3917 0419 808 927 Website Jazz Funk Latin Rock Classical
John Morrisson SR Ses Website
Ian Mussington SR Ses Hrm 9953 7708 0422246472 Email All Styles, acoustic and electronica
Craig Naughton  SR Ses   8065 9378 0424 944 971 Website Jazz, Rock, Latin, Funk, Fusion, Soul, r & b
Paul Novosel SR Ses Hrm   0402 207 572 Email All styles - felt not heard
John O'Connell SR 42673476 0418413265 Email rock,cabaret,jazz,musictheatre
Adam Pache SR 9402 2211 0407469488 Email
Nando Pettinato SR Ses Hrm 98177415 0412076213 Website Pop/Funk/Soul
Terry Philpot    9744-7571 0408447571 Email Any (excpt musical comedy)
Nicholas Pitt SR Ses 0416203468 Website Most styles, reads Band
Jim Piesse SR Ses    9985 7490 0418644288 Website All round
Dave Plenty SR Ses Email
Ben Pritchard SR Ses 0433 262 353  Email rock/funk/jazz/pop/r+b/hip hop
Cameron Reid SR Ses 0413830886 Email All styles
Mike Richards SR Ses Website
Calvin Roy 0414485311 Email Most Styles
Jasper Sarkodee    SR Ses Vx   0421206192 Website Multi-instrumentalist
Ian Talati


Ses 9567-6605 0417972400 Email Drms / Percussion
Azzy Trew SR Ses Vx 43931480 0402608977 Website Major  label/BMus/drums/mallets/tours
Rob Turner SR Ses     0402454651 Email All Styles
Evan Yako SR Ses   0415 495 692   Website Sessional full time drummer


Sydney Percussionists


SR Ses Vox

Phone 1

Phone 2


Styles / Comments
Budi Bone   Ses Vx 4385 6414 0434589185 Website Sing &  play percussion simultaneously.
Sunil De Silva  Ses 9799 2030 0412394999 All 
Dave Kemp SR Ses Hrm   0403181255 Website Latin Percussionist & Jazz Vibraphone
Ben Kidson   Ses Vx   0404055078 Email All
Craig Morrison Ses 0418266511 Email All/Djembe/Congas/Tlkng Drm
Sam Romeo      Ses   96803098 0405289016 Email All/Congas,Timbales
Gina Tedeschi SR Ses     0421 832 059 Email African, cuban, middle eastern, Classically trained


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