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Sydney Saxophone & Woodwind Players

SR = Sight Read
Ses = Sessions
Vx = Vocals (hrm = harmonies)
Local Sydney numbers - (02)

Saxophone & Woodwinds


SR Ses Vox

Phone 1

Phone 2


Styles / Comments
David Bell SR Ses 9481 8865 0403966879 Email Jazz / Funk / Pop / Dj
Bob Bertles SR 9358 5576 0412161627 Sop>Baritone Flute Clarinet
Richard Booth SR Ses Hrm 9626 1291 04252432031 Email Jazz/ RnB/ Rock/Afrcn/Clypso/Rgae
Sam Bragg Ses 8850 3969 0410418013 Email All styles + Didjeridoo
Michael Brown SR Ses 9949 7002  Email Saxophone/flute
Jenna Cave SR Ses Vx 0407108905 Email M.Mus student,  jazz, pop, funk etc.
Martin Davison SR Ses Vx 0414888969 Email Jazz/Blues/Rock/Soul/Front man/vocals
Reuben Derrick SR Ses   9569 0560 0408 962 925 Site Jazz sax/clarinet - Tutor B.Mus
Craig Driscoll SR Ses Email Sax
Christian Eder SR Ses   9528 5985 0422029080 Email Jazz, classical, contempory
Andy Gatfield SR Ses Vx 9590 3992 0411140117 Email Sax / Flute / Clarinet
Greg Gibson SR Ses Email Sax
John Greenan SR Ses   9969 0749 0400589339 Email Jazz /R &R...a/s,t/s, clar.b/cla.
Casey Greene SR Ses Email Sax
Lachlan Hamilton SR Ses 0421325254 Site All styles - visit website for more!
Terry Heywood SR Vx 9679 1547 0418649807 Email Tenor bari rock/pop/blues.
IGOR  SR Ses Site Soprano,alto,tenor sax/clarinet
Graham Jesse SR Ses Email Sax
Scott Jolly SR 8394 6666 0411354451 Email Tenor - jazz/blues/soul/latin
Ben Jones Vx 9798-4849 0403372620 Email jazz/blues/soul
Janet Levy Ses Vx 9565 5771 0415 737 415 Email Jazz, Blues, Funk, Covers
Mark Matthews SR Ses 0422168159 Site See website for more details !
Andrew Oh SR Ses 9999-3646 0425-274-680 Site Jazz/Funk/Blues/Rock/Pop
Chris Pollard    Ses Vx 0458238457 Email Vocals/Flute/Tin Whistle/Guitar/Harmonica/Mandolin/Djembe/Percussion
Bob Pritchard SR Ses 9427 3545 0417 472 964 Email Alto/Ten/Bari/Clar/Flute/Tutor
Willy Qua SR 9879 6065 0412161613 Email brilliant
Don Reid SR Ses Yes 9489 4178 0408 974409 Email Flute/ AltoFlute/Tenor/Sopr
Trevor Rippingale SR Ses Hrm 9948 6802 0437594025 Email Duos to big bands, studio work etc
Rick Robertson SR Ses Vx 99131026 0412560554 Email Jazz, Funk, Pop, DJ
Ed Schots SR Ses Hrm 0405728467 Email Soul, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Fusion
Andre Shrimski SR 9449 1867 0409464844 Email  jazz/blues/soul/pop/lead-alto 
Stas Radzievskiy     SR Ses 0468350216 0468340200 Email sax / jazz / funk / pop / covers / DJ
Rob Stammers    SR Ses 94777133 0433688499 Email Saxes esp bari, flute, oboe, repairs
Lupco (Louie) Stojcevski SR Ses 0418 459 095 Email Live at Woollahra Hotel every Thursday in 2007
Jade Tinkler SR Ses Hrm 0415543029 Email FLute/Clarinet/Saxophone All styles
Stuart Vandegraaff SR Ses Hrm 0404 834 554 Site Jazz/World/Contemporary
Melanie Walters SR Ses 4272 6784 0404 468877 Email Bmus(Hons), LmusA  -  Flute and Piccolo
Sarah-Grace Williams SR Ses Vx 9564 6004 0414661554 Email Clarinet/Sax/Flute/Piano
Christopher Wilson SR Ses Hrm 9345 0990 0425291877 Email rock/blues/jazz sax
Martin Wright SR Ses Hrm 9997 1349 0407308281 Email Alt/Tenr All Modrn Min $150 3 hr.  Won't work solo.


Folk / Whistle / Recorder


SR Ses Vox

Phone 1

Phone 2


Styles / Comments
Christine Wheeler SR Ses Vx 9401 0322 0408 276 436 Email Irish, folk, early music - Irish Flute

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