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Sydney Guitar Players

SR = Sight Read
Ses = Sessions
Vx = Vocals (hrm = harmonies)
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SR Ses Vox

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Styles / Comments
Alwyn Aurisch SR Ses Hrm 67654241 0408025602 Website Exper.Blues/rock/country. Slide gtr specialist. exp.bass
Chris Alexander SR Ses   0424261816 Website Jazz & Blues
Glen Bain Ses Vx 9788 6406 Email All rounder
Damien Barrett SR Ses 0407703318 0430194486 Website Acoustic, Ballad, Country, Rock
Anton E Behrendt Ses Vx 91303213 0415132110  Email Multi inc acu.flem.Wild dog
Rick Ballan SR Ses Hrm 9331 8512 0404160395  Email All rounder - Jazz/funk
Phillip Bolliger SR Ses 9973 3361   Email Classical & Spanish guitar - also duo with flute or violin
Jon Bolton SR Ses Hrm   0410 567 214 Email All styles groovily
Geoff Brown Ses   0414156226 Email Country, lead, bass.
Rebecca Brown   Ses Hrm 0422921201   Email Lead guitarist, harmonies.
John Brownrigg Ses Vx 0408776641 Email rock/jazz/blues/
Andy Campbell SR Ses   0425434501 Website Rock, pop, punk, jazz, blues, rhythm, lead, grt feel & sound
Phil Cole Hrm 9569 5302 0412135203 Country Rckablly Instrmntals
William Hooper  Coleman Vx 0414333520 0410373711 Website Indigenous musician
Mike Cook  Vx 9645 4279 0410437368  Website Ballads/Easylistening+Hand Percssion
Grahame Conlon SR 9569 7115 0414681318 Email Jazz standards, Blues, Trad.
Shane Coombe Ses Vx 9660 6841 Website Acoustic Jazz Funk Pop
Craig Corcoran SR Ses Hrm 9572 6702 0430344334 Website All styles/ Jazz specialist
Graham Cox SR Ses  9451 2524  0418627388  Email Contempry + Jazz/Latin/Blues/Fusion
Ron Craig SR Vx 9869 7064 Email All rounder
Mark Dadds SR Ses Vx Email jazz, blues
Umberto De Bellis   SR Ses Hrm   0412093588 Email Funky Jazz Rock Latino Fusion Sydney Guitarist
Dave Dwyer SR Ses 47390451 0413747901 Email All
Rick Falkiner SR Ses Hrm 48713364 0419281348 Email Spanish and acoustic/Jazz specialist
Tom Ferris SR Ses 98690418 All
Stuart French Ses Vx 9589 2721 0417430678 Electric  Acoustic  Dobro
Brian Gillette Vx 4774 0040 All rounder
Rex Goh Ses Website Visit Rex's Website !
John Grant SR Ses Vx 0407228881 Pop Cabaret All rounder
Harry Gusman   SR Ses Hrm 0418 729 067 Website Blues, Rock, Reggae, Country
David Holmes    SR Ses Hrm 9634 6721 0422 204754 Email Electric : acoustic - pop, rock, blues, jazz
Terry Hearn Ses     9635 1384 0401199091 All rounder
Jaylon Hall SR Email Classical & Flamenco
Sam Hawksley Ses Vx 0412505918 Email All styles + Dobro and Lap Steel 
Jonnie Hibbert SR Ses Vx 93444974 Email Pop/rock
Bob Howe SR Ses Vx 9365 3357 0412414750 Website All rounder + M/Harp (see Website)
Glenn Jackson Ses Hrm 4393 0288 0403336574 Email Good allround picker, Instrumentals
Mark Jackson Sr Ses Vx 4328 1016  Email Any country styles 
Garry Lambert Vx 9484 8755 0407106040 Email All rounder
Rob Lobasso   0420 390 372 Website Rock / blues,  progressive.
Clive Lendich SR Ses 9418-1804 0411362210 Email All Plus Studio
Steve McKenna    SR Ses 97978614 0416 738 397 Website Jazz and studio
Daniel Maher SR Ses   0423773681 Email Rock/Blues/Pop/Swing/Musical Theatre. Elec & Acoustic!
Khan Manuel SR Ses Vx 0409507174 Website Prog Rock/Fusion
Ian McGowan Ses Hrm   61411771191 Email Blues/Rock/RnB
Rob McMullan SR Ses 97475078 0421887611 Email Solo Nylon String Guitar
Russ Nelson SR Ses Vx 9875 5005 0409 311 103 Website All.
Steve Newton Vx 9868 5117 0418683431 Email Guitar + Studio Engineer
Kelvin Nolan Vx 4329 5475 0418265961 Email Country / Country Rock
Peter Northcote SR Ses 9267 2992 0412672992 Website Sydney Session Wizard
Paul O'Brien Ses Vx 9660 9761 Email Blues & Funk - Lead/Rhythm
Paul O Connor Ses Hrm 9130 4756 0415495352 Email Flexible guitarist
Rory O'Donoghue SR Ses Vx   0431 646 301 Website All styles
Luke O'Neill SR Ses Vx 4677 0305 0408060402 Website Top acoustic accompanist
Julia Parker SR Ses Vx 0412504372 Website Live and studio experience  
Jack Pledge Ses Vx 4739 6891 Email Vocals Producer All rounder
Mick Reid SR Vx 4782-4319 Email All Styles + Harmonica!
Peter Rappolt SR Ses 9970 6006 0417249313 Email Trad Dixie Swing Gypsy Latin
Braegen Russell SR Ses Hrm   0466793644 Website Pro session performer, studio recording artist.
Ross Shakespeare SR Ses Vx 0397512896 0413 274 867 Website Electric & Nylon String Guitar
Sam Sheumack  SR Ses Hrm   0412498110 Email Rock,metal,hip hop,funk soul,pop,dub,reggae,blues, jazz.
Attila Slay  Ses Hrm   0411 667 385 Website Sambora
Brett Stevens Ses Hrm 63329870 Website Folk/pop/rock with a twist
Dave Smith SR Ses 9518 6365 Solo Jazz, Band, M.D,
Marty Stewart Ses Vx   0411148822  Website Flamenco, Classical, Rock
Mat Thompson  SR Ses Vx Email blues (all rounder)
Brodie Teoh Ses Vx   0426828873 Website Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz.
Michael Trifunovic SR Ses 9913 1737 Email all styles plus experimental
Nic Vardanega SR 9997 7947 0434 855 400 Email Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Pop - electric & acoustic gtrs
Gary Vickery SR Ses 9624 3672 0431 827 072 Email All styles, on electric, acoustic, 12 str, nylon
Colin Watson SR Ses 9874 8990 0419446931 Email Colin Watson RnB/Funk/ rock/Country
J T West SR Ses 9559-7028 0407-500-117 Website Contemporary, Rock & Jazz Fusion, Studio Session
Matt Wyatt SR Ses Hrm 0415836280 Email rock' jazz' blues'pacific'swing'


Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dobro, Slide Guitar


SR Ses Vox

Phone 1

Phone 2


Styles / Comments
Tommy Grasso Ses 0427 313 755 Email Cntry/Rock/Swing + Dobro
Ben Romalis Ses Vx 0422 222 800 Website Lap Steel
Michel Rose Ses Hrm 9790 2762 0412459043 Dobro & Mandolin
Mark Thomas  SR Ses Vx 0418920664 Email Pedal steel
Mike Tyne Ses 0401094980 Email Pedal steel - Country Music

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